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Metropolitan John of Zambia met with Minister of Public Property

His Eminence Metropolitan John of Zambia paid a visit to the Minister of Public Property, Elijah Julaki Muuchima, at the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in Lusaka.

During the meeting, he extensively briefed the Minister on the ongoing social initiatives undertaken by the Holy Metropolis of Zambia, highlighting various impactful programs. Additionally, Metropolitan John discussed the river-related projects and sought state support in addressing arising challenges.

A significant aspect of the conversation was the proposal for a designated area in the Capital for the construction of a Greek Orthodox Cathedral, along with a centre to facilitate Orthodox community activities across the country.

The discussions concluded in a highly constructive atmosphere, fostering the potential for fruitful collaboration. The anticipated cooperation is expected to significantly contribute to the realisation of planned initiatives.

Source: Metropolis of Zambia