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Metropolitan Ioannis of Zambia ordained Archdeacon Prodromos to the priesthood

On Sunday, 17 March 2024, at the Parish of Saints Basil and Demetrius Missionary Centre, His Eminence Metropolitan Ioannis of Zambia and Superintendent of the Diocese of Mozambique, ordained Archdeacon Prodromos to the priesthood.

With his blessing, the newly ordained has been regularly offering Catechism and Ecclesiastical Byzantine Music lessons to the young and elder parishioners of the Mission for the organisation of a Metropolitan Choir.

After his Priestly Ordination, the Metropolitan officially appointed him as the Parish Priest and guaranteed him the support of the Metropolis and of the Hellenic Community, because, as he said: “Orthodoxy and Hellenism always cooperate together.”

In his remarks for the occasion, Father Prodromos, drawing from the Gospel passage of Cheesefare Sunday (Sunday of Forgiveness), humbly sought forgiveness from the Metropolitan and earnestly requested his prayers to attain humility, obedience to God and the Church, as well as divine wisdom and strength to walk the righteous path and serve the people of God.

Source: Metropolis of Zambia