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Memory of Saint Fotou the Cypriot (Photini), the Wonderworker (2 August)

Today the Church commemorates the finding and recovery of the relics from Jerusalem to Constantinople of Protomartyr and Archdeacon Stephen which took place about the year 428.

He was one of the seven deacons appointed by the Apostles to distribute food and charitable aid to the poorer members of the community in the early church. Those deacons had to prepare the Agape feast, which was a communal meal shared among Christians including sacramental action over bread and wine.

Also, we celebrate the memory of Saint Photinos the Bishop of Kythrea, who is listed among the Cypriot Hierarchs who attended the Ecumenical Council and one of the five Holy Hierarchs of Kythrea. The synaxis of Martyr Phocas, Saint Justinian the Great, Blessed Basil of Moscow, fool for Christ and Saint Photini the Cypriot is commemorated on May 17.

Saint Photini the Cypriot is known throughout the island of Cyprus as Saint Photou the Wonderworker. She was born to pious parents in Rizokarpaso. From a young age, she distinguished herself by kindness and virtue.

She practiced in a cave in Karpasia, where many people visited her for consolation and guidance. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, she performed many healing miracles while she was still in life.

Her sacred relic, which was found in a cave in the 18th century AD with the carved inscription “Photini, Virgin Bride of Christ,” still offers healing to the sick. Her hermitage still exists in the Turkish-occupied village of Agios Andronikos in Karpasia.

It is recalled that, as we march for the Feast of the Assumption, the afternoons are served by the Church of the Little and the Great Apostolic Canon in the Divine Liturgy.

Today, the 43rd memorial service of the late Archbishop of Cyprus Makarios III and first president of the Republic of Cyprus, who passed away on August 3, 1977, takes place in the churches in Cyprus.

Source: Church of Cyprus