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Members of Greek rescue team killed in Libya

Four members of a Greek rescue team en route to the flood-ravaged city of Derna and three members of a Libyan family were killed in a road accident on Sunday, the health minister for the Libyan eastern government said.

Fifteen of the Greek rescue team were injured, including seven in a critical condition, Othman Abduljaleel told a televised news conference. Two of the Libyan family were also critical, he said.

According to a diplomatic source, the Greek rescue team had 16 members plus three interpreters.

Later Sunday, Greece’s General National Defense Staff (GEETHA) released the following statement:

“We announce that three members of the Greek humanitarian mission to Libya lost their lives and two are missing. An updated statement will follow.”

An earlier GEETHA statement had said that there were only slight injuries. The Foreign Ministry had released the following statement before the fatalities were announced:

“The Greek mission that went to provide humanitarian aid in Libya had a car accident today during its road trip to the city of Derna.

“In coordination with the Ministry of National Defense, the UN and the European Union, the Consulate General of Greece in Benghazi is on hand to provide assistance to the mission and assist in its repatriation.”

Source: Reuters/Kathimerini

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