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Melbourne: ‘Five Loaves’ Feeding Programme

Australian inflation rate soars to 6.1% with a 1.8% increase in consumer costs for the June quarter signalling that the cost of living is still rapidly increasing but pension and other incomes aren’t. Social service providers warn that homelessness could rise due to an increase in cost-of-living pressures.

These rising costs are exacerbated in an already tenuous situation for many low-income earners. The number of households experiencing food and housing instability is growing nationwide. This is very evident each time we drop off meals to the crisis centres, that tell us they are now at maximum capacity. This week we witnessed two young adults who were refused entry to an already full crisis centre we provide meals to.

Our amazing cooks from various parishes of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, District of Melbourne were busy cooking pastitsio and spring vegetables along with donated bread, fruit and sweets for the less fortunate in our community. Their hard work and dedication is the backbone of the Five Loaves Feeding Program.

 Does your company want to get involved with the Five Loaves Program in making a real difference to those who need it most in our community? Consider partnering with us, support is needed to help us continue to assist those less fortunate than ourselves.

Please contact Christina Nicola on [email protected]

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