Callinicus was born in Cilicia. He was raised from his early youth in Christian piety. Abandoning all, he went forth to preach the Holy Gospel. In Ancyra the pagan Prince Sacerdos arrested him. When the prince threatened him with cruel tortures if he did not worship the idols, St. Callinicus answered him: “To me, suffering for my God is most welcome, as bread is to a hungry man.” After consigning him to cruel tortures and beatings, the prince had iron shoes, with nails protruding inside, placed on Callinicus’s feet. Then he ordered that he be driven to the city of Gangra, for the prince was afraid to torture him anymore, or to kill him in Ancyra–for many, observing the heroic patience of this holy man, had already converted to the Christian Faith. Along the way the soldiers became thirsty, but there was no water. St. Callinicus prayed to God, and brought forth water from a rock. When they arrived in Gangra, the torturers prepared to throw St. Callinicus into a fiery furnace. The saint prayed to God, saying: “I give thanks to You, O Heavenly Father, for making me worthy of this hour, in which I die for Your holy name.” Then he entered the fire. When the fire died down, they found his dead body whole and unharmed by the fire. He suffered honorably, and was crowned with the wreath of eternal glory in about the year 250 A.D.