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London mayor calls for ‘win-win arrangement’ to share Parthenon Sculptures with Greece

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called on the British government and the British Museum to reach a “win-win arrangement” over the Parthenon Sculptures, facilitating both Greece and the UK to “share” the 2,500-year-old sculptures.

“I’d really encourage the British Museum, the British government, the government of Greece and the Acropolis Museum in Athens to talk about how we can make more progress on this very issue,” Khan said in an interview with Greek daily newspaper Ta Nea on Saturday.

“I obviously want Londoners to be able to see the Elgin Marbles, but I don’t see why the British Museum, the British government, the government of Greece and the museum in Athens can’t come to an accommodation to share these wonderful, wonderful Elgin Marbles,” he said. “It is important for us to recognise that actually, not all the exhibits that are in the British Museum are ones that should just stay in London,” he said.

Khan told the newspaper that there should be room for an agreement that benefits everyone involved, aiming for “a win for both Greece and the UK.”

The marbles have been showcased in the British Museum since 1832 after being controversially removed from the Parthenon by Lord Elgin, a British diplomat.

Sticking to commitments made by his predecessors Liz Truss and Boris Johnson to safeguard the treasures at the British Museum, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in March vowed to protect the Parthenon Sculptures from being returned to Greece, saying they remain a “huge asset” to his country.