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Hellenic Conservatory of Athens is being restored and will operate again after 50 years

The restoration work of the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens, one of the most historic buildings in the Greek capital, is progressing unabated, which in recent decades due to its non-use had been led to abandonment. In fact, about two years ago part of the building had collapsed due to age and lack of maintenance.

The site restoration project has a budget of €5,712,000 euros and has been included in the Recovery Fund.

A space that will host a variety of cultural activities

According to the schedule, the works are expected to be completed by 2025 and the space will host the archive of the art of dance in our homeland, a library and specific programs of the State School of Orchestral Art.

The building was saved from demolition a while ago in the year 1996 by a decision of the Ministry of Culture, as it was classified as a Preserved Heritage Listed Monument. Due to its historical and architectural value, it has now been granted for development and use to the Ministry of Culture.

L. Mendoni: “We will render buildings-monuments as cultural landmarks”

The Minister of Culture, Ms. Lina Mendoni referred to the works which are in full progress at the Hellenic Conservatory of Athens and described the government’s general planning for the utilisation of buildings in the city centre of great historical significance:

“This project is part of the policy of restoring buildings-property of the Ministry of Culture or the State, which are located in the centre of Athens and are in a bad condition. Our goal is to upgrade the urban fabric of the capital, rendering buildings-monuments as cultural landmarks, of wider scope and development importance”, stressed Ms. Mendoni.