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Greek Orthodox Sunday Schools of NSW mid-year holiday events

With the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia, the Greek Orthodox Sunday Schools of NSW held a series of mid-year holiday events at the Orthodox Mission Centre in Kingsgrove.

The Committee of the Greek Orthodox Sunday Schools of NSW, together with the Sunday School teachers take the opportunity to thank the parents for their enthusiasm and support of these events.


On Monday, 3 July 2023, the High School Sunday School boys from across Sydney met together to take part in the Great Engineering Challenge.

As part of the Challenge, the boys built and fired rockets, designed parachutes to slow the fall of an egg, created cars powered only by a mousetrap, and took part in many other challenges.

The day was also blessed by the attendance of Fr. Panteleimon Toumbelekis from the Parish of St Gerasimos, who gave a fascinating presentation on graphite and diamonds and the spiritual lessons we can derive from their phase transformation.


On Tuesday 11 July 2023, a Sunday School Science Day was held for Primary School children from parishes across Sydney.

Over 100 children came together with much enthusiasm to participate in a range of science experiments and games; featuring mega bubbles, cheese making, non-Newtonian fluids, and paper helicopters.

It was a blessing to have Fr. George Liangas, parish priest at the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nectarios in Burwood, visit the event and address the children. The children also had a sausage-sizzle lunch and enjoyed each other’s company throughout the day in a Christ-filled atmosphere.


On Saturday, 15 July 2023, High School Sunday School girls from across Sydney came together to participate in an Escape Room and Games Day.

The girls banded together into five teams, racing against one another and the clock to solve five identical custom escape rooms. To make their great escape, the girls solved a (fictional) mystery scenario, uncovering which parish had ‘stolen’ the Cadbury Crunchie Chocolates from last year’s Annual Combined Sunday School Picnic.

To do this, teams rushed to collect clues from around the room, solving riddles, putting together puzzles and completing physical challenges to collect letters. Using these letters, the girls cracked a final code to unlock a mysterious box and discover the identity of the Crunchie thieves.

It was a blessing to have in attendance with us, Fr. Stavros Ivanos who is the Assistant Parish Priest at the Parish of St Spyridon. He spoke about the importance of trusting God, developing Christ-centred friendships and working as a team to overcome spiritual challenges, just as the girls had worked together to overcome the escape rooms.

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