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Greek Odessa evacuation operation successful

The Greek operation “Nostos 5,” the evacuation of 34 people from Odessa, was successful according to a statement released by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on Monday.

The operation successfully evacuated 34 people, including 25 sailors employed by a Greek-owned shipping company, from Odessa to Moldova and were accompanied by Odessa Consul General Dimitrios Dochtsis. They were met in Moldova by embassy staff from the Greek Embassy in Bucharest.

“The operation “Nostos 5” to evacuate 34 people from Odessa, including sailors aboard a Greek-owned ship, was completed successfully,” stated Dendias in an announcement uploaded on social media.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the Consul General and the consular staff will continue their work from Galati, Romania due to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.