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Greek Gov’t measures for emergency compensation due to wildfires go into effect

The maximum compensation for an individual who lost homes or buildings during the wildfires in Greece these past two weeks is 120,000 euros for the first or emergency assistance, according to an act of law published in the Government Gazette on Friday.
The regulations cover anyone who was harmed by fires, from July 27 to August 13, the day the law went into effect.

Compensation cannot exceed 80% of the building’s value in total, and can be applied for both for the main and for other houses, including rentals. The owners of abandoned buildings are not entitled to emergency compensation.

An emergency one-off compensation will be available for professional buildings, provided they were not abandoned or the business inactive in the tax database.

Among others, the law also provides for destroyed home appliances, ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 euros, depending on the damages, and for damaged cultivations.

Other provisions also compensate people injured or who died, provisions to protect jobs, and property taxation suspension.