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Greek government condemns Iran’s attacks on Israel

The Greek government issued a stern condemnation of Iran’s recent attacks on Israel, labeling them as a significant escalation in an already precarious regional situation, according to a statement released by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

“Such actions pose a significant danger to both regional and international security. It is absolutely essential to prevent any further spread of hostilities.,” emphasized the statement.

Greek Defense Minister, Nikos Dendias, is returning to Greece from the US in light of developments in the Middle East. Consequently, he will not attend the parade on 5th Avenue in New York for the Anniversary of the National Rebirth of 1821, while the KYSEA (Council of Ministers of National Security) is scheduled to convene at six in the afternoon.

Additionally, Greece remains on alert and maintains communication with its allies, particularly the US, for ongoing updates on the situation. Greek missions in the broader region are reported to be secure.

Iran launched a first direct military attack against Israel on Saturday, sending drones and cruise and ballistic missiles toward Israel, which on Sunday hailed its successful air defenses, saying it and its allies thwarted 99% of the more than 300 drones and missiles launched toward its territory. Regional tensions remain high, amid fears of further escalation in the event of a possible Israeli counter-strike.

Source: Kathimerini/AP