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Greece: The climate crisis is a reality, Mitsotakis said explaining the need for the new ministry

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis wished good luck to the newly appointed Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianidis and Deputy Minister Evangelos Tournas on Friday at their first meeting after the two ministers were sworn in.

The prime minister said that there was no need to explain why the Greek government created an independent ministry, as the climate crisis was a reality “that will be with us for a long time yet.”

Mitsotakis also said that in dealing with the effects of the climate crisis, the newly established ministry will have the first say, adding that there was an excellent team in the leadership.

Referring to Minister Stylianides, the prime minister said that they were connected by a long personal friendship and deep mutual regard, while he spoke about the great work done by Stylianides as a commissioner and the creation of rescEU.

He also thanked the previous minister in charge of civil defence, Nikos Hardalias, noting that from his new position he will be able to strengthen the ties between the Armed Forces and Civil Protection. He added that the government now has a new 1.7 billion euro programme, “which we will invest in the protection of life, property and the natural environment.”

Mitsotakis also referred to the operational abilities of Deputy Minister Evangelos Tournas, noting that the words that must enter our vocabulary more systematically are “prevention” and “preparation”.

“We thank you for your trust,” Stylianides said in reply and added: “In our case, we do not need many words. We need actions. We will talk little and try to do a lot.”

On his part, Deputy Minister Evangelos Tournas said: “I want to thank the prime minister for the great honour and confidence in entrusting me with the task of managing the operational arm. I feel very responsible. It was my national duty to accept.”