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Greece sending more humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The Hellenic Red Cross was sending some 50 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine on Tuesday, in what is the third batch of essential goods being sent by Greece to the war-torn country since Russia’s invasion on February 24.

The shipment, which will be taken by truck to the Ukrainian border so it can make its way to where it is needed most, consists of non-perishable food, bottled water, antiseptics, generators, medical supplies and medicine, which will be distributed by the Ukrainian Red Cross.

“You cannot imagine how important it is for these basic necessities, and especially the medical supplies, to reach embattled areas,” Greece’s civil protection minister, Christos Stylianidis, said in comments to the press from the Hellenic Red Cross (HRC) depot where the trucks bound for Ukraine were being loaded.

“The people there have sustained major damage to vital infrastructure like electricity, water and natural gas supply lines, as well, of course, as the widespread destruction of health services, hospitals and so on,” added Antonis Avgerinos, head of the HRC.

Avgerinos said that apart from working with its counterpart in Ukraine, the HRC has nurses, volunteer medics and rescuers posted on the Romanian side of the border to provide immediate medical assistance to displaced Ukrainians fleeing the strife.

“The situation is a nightmare and extremely heart-wrenching as we see floods of women and children, and especially many unaccompanied children,” he said, warning that minors traveling without a parent or guardian are particularly at risk.