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Greece: Heatwave to peak again this weekend

After average temperatures of 36.3 and a high of 42.6 degrees Celsius recorded by the country’s weather stations on Friday, the mercury is expected to rise again slightly over the weekend and to reach 45C in places.

The country is facing a prolonged heat wave, one “worse than that of 1987,” according to Antonis Lalos, director of the National Meteorological Service (NMS).

After a brief reprieve on Monday, when temperatures are forecast to ease by 2 to 5C, a third heat surge will hit the country from Tuesday, the NMS said.

On Saturday, maximum temperatures in the regions will be: 39 to 41C in Epirus and Macedonia; 42C in parts of Central Macedonia; 42 to 43C in Thessaly, Central Greece and the Peloponnese; 44C in parts of Thessaly and eastern Central Greece; 40 to 42C in the Ionian Islands, the Dodecanese and Crete; 39 to 41C in Thrace and the rest of the islands.

On Sunday, maximum temperatures in the regions will be: 41 to 43C in parts of the mainland; 44C in the interior of Central Greece and the Peloponnese; 45C in Thessaly; and 39 to 41C in island areas.

On Monday, the temperature is expected to drop by 2 to 5C, more so in the eastern part of the country and less so in the western part.

On Friday, the highest temperature (42.6C) was recorded in Akrotiri weather station, Hania.