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Greece: Booking platform for updated Covid-19 vaccines opens

The online platform to book vaccination appointments with the latest Covid-19 vaccines opened on Monday, with the first appointments available on Wednesday.

While vaccines, and booster shots, have been instrumental in saving lives, said the head of the National Vaccinations Committee Professor Maria Theodoridou, she stressed that the limited time of immunity and the appearance of new variants has made the need for new vaccines imperative.

The European Medicines Agency has approved two updated vaccines by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, that are more capable in targeting the Omega strand of the virus. Theodoridou stated that the goal was to increase the level of antibodies that are capable of handling the 1,2 and 5 variants of Omicron.

Side-effects of the latest vaccines are similar to those exhibited by the previous generation.

Priorities will be given to high-risk individuals, the over 60s, those aged 12-15 with underlying conditions, employees who live and work in elderly care facilities, and those with chronic diseases, the immunosuppressed and healthcare professionals.