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Greece: 50 forest fires in last 24 hours, says Fire Service

The Fire Service announced on Friday that a total of 50 forest fires broke out in the 24-hour period to 6 p.m.

Most were extinguished shortly after they were reported, the service said.

Two fires in Rodia, Ilidia prefecture, and in Smerna, Zacharo prefecture, both of which are in the western Peloponnese, are in remission, it added.

The Zacharo fire is located in a regenerated forest that was destroyed in fires in 2007.

Meanwhile, two aircraft, a helicopter 15 firefighters and five tenders attended a forest fire near Aghioi Theodoroi, in Corinthia, which is believed to have broken out when the area was stuck by lightening. At 8 p.m., the Fire Service said the blaze had been brought partially under control.