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As part of the government’s stated objective to improve the everyday life of citizens, the Digital Governance Ministry plans to expand use of the digital wallet in December.

Among the new features is a package called “myAuto” that will include all certificates related to car ownership.

MyAuto will be able to include: 1) the details of the registration certificate; 2) information if the vehicle is in motion / immobilized or stolen; 3) the details for payment of road tax; 4) the result of the technical inspection (MOT/KTEO) and the date of the next inspection; 5) the insurance details; and 6) the ring card, which already exists as an option. 

The government’s plan is to further expand the digital wallet in the coming period. Currently the digital wallet includes the police ID card, driving license, disability card, ring card, Public Employment Service (DYPA, formerly OAED) card. In the next phase the aim is to include academic ID cards, professional qualifications (doctor, lawyer etc) and the blood donor card.

The ministry said that the digital wallet will be gradually enriched with all the documents that are necessary for citizens on a daily basis. The goal is to become the means of data transfer instead of the traditional transfer of documents, so that when dealing with the citizen, public and private entities can do so digitally. 

The plan is for the citizen to receive a notification in their wallet and consent to the extraction of their data for that specific process and at that specific time. 

This will eliminate digital paperwork – downloading a pdf of a certificate to submit it by email to another organization. 

The citizen will not even issue the certificates in the next phase, but rather consent to have their data kept in public records.

The ministry then intends to introduce artificial intelligence into and with the implementation of the “digital assistant” in it will be the first time artificial intelligence is applied in Greek public administration.