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Event organised at the Holy Monastery of ‘Axion Estin’ Northcote for the timeless humanitarian value of volunteering.

The volunteers constitute a valuable asset for all societies

The Archdiocesan District of Northcote with the initiative of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia organised an event with topic: ‘Volunteering as a timeless humanitarian value’.

The event was held at the Holy Monastery of Axion Estin at Northcote on Sunday May 23rd 2021.It commenced with a Thanksgiving Service was attended from fathers from the Archdiocesan District of Northcote presiding by the Very Reverent Archiepiscopal Vicar Father Evmenios Vasilopoulos.

After the conclusion of the Thanksgiving Service, the Coordinator of the Elderly Citizens Groups of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia Mr. John Pillalidis spoke about the important role of the volunteers and pointed out to the fact that volunteering for our Church has become a way of life. Mr. Pillalidis concluded his speech with a wish: ‘All of us must try even harder to assist our valuable volunteers in order for our community and our country to become friendlier, more hopeful and more humanitarian’.

The Very Reverent Archiepiscopal Vicar Father Evmenios Vasilopoulos then welcomed all attendees and focused on the ecclesiastical definition of volunteering by using the term ‘διακονία’ ‘ministry’. Father Evmenios added “Volunteering in its real dimension is a ministry because everything finds it’s real subsistence on Christ”.

‘Jesus Christ lived a life based on the Ministry towards humans and according to the Holy Scriptures He did not come to earth to be served but to serve others’.

‘Jesus Christ became the biggest volunteer, the Minister and Benefactor of humanity’. ‘The same truth applies to the Saints of our Church regardless of the era they lived’ ‘They always helped humans, not only with their logos, but with their actions as well’. ‘Some of them, they even sacrificed their life to save others or they become slaves in order to free others’

The Very Rev Father Evmenios Vasilopoulos continued his speech with the parable of the Good Samaritan saying ‘The Good Samaritan showed his love to an injured person, who was considered an enemy, and with his action taught us that the offering must be extended to all’ ‘As Christians we have to love, all regardless of someone’s religious affiliations, skin colour and the language he/she speaks’

‘Discrimination for someone who is a volunteer –a minister according to our Church teachings and traditions-do not exist as a concept and practice. We have to become humans towards other fellow human beings in all their needs’ ‘everybody wants a good listener to share their problems, they want a smile, a sincere and pure hug’

Concluding his speech, the Very Rev Father Evmenios Vasilopoulos expressed his gratitude for all the volunteers and conveyed the cordial thanks of His  Eminence Archbishop Makarios towards the volunteers for all their valuable services provided to the parishes and our fathers as well as their local communities, our city and our country.

Upon the completion of the speech of the Very Rev Father Evmenios Vasilopoulos the attendees were offered sweets and refreshments and they had the opportunity to exchange ideas and valuable experiences on volunteerism.