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European Citizen Award to the “Heroes of Tempe”

The “Heroes of Tempe”, all those who at the risk of their lives highlighted and served the ideal of solidarity as the supreme value of the European Union in the tragic accident of February 28, in Tempe, were recognised by the European Parliament with the award of the European Citizen 2023 award.

Twenty-year-old Andreas Alikaniotis from Vyrona and Ilia, eighteen-year-old Angelos Tsiamouras from Ierapetra, Crete, twenty-year-old Michalis Klapsis from Leipsos, students, George, who chose to stay out of the limelight, a carpenter on Mount Athos, all passengers on the fatal Intercity 62 train carrying more than 350 passengers that crashed in Tempe are just some of the “Heroes of Tempe.”

Injured, selflessly risking their health and physical integrity, helped their fellow passengers, including small children, the elderly and people with health problems, to get out of the burning train, breaking the windows and evacuating the carriages, and then assisted the rescue crews, saving dozens of human lives.

The specific proposal for the awarding of the prize was made by the MEP of the European People’s Party, Ms. Maria Spyrakis, who, after casting her vote, said: “The “Heroes of Tempe” are just some of our fellow citizens who “love responsibility” and prove it at the risking of their own lives. They went above and beyond what is humanly possible in order to save dozens of their fellow passengers, setting a bright example for all of us in the European Union.”