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Epiphaniy: The ideology of the “Russian world” is the same as the ideology of Nazism – Kirill is co-creator

“The ideology of the “Russian world” is the same as the ideology of Nazism. It justifies violence, murder, war and genocide, and must therefore be rejected and condemned in the same way as Nazism was condemned, its ideologists and its crimes”, said the Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine Epiphaniy at his sermon for the Fourth Sunday of the Holy Lent.

Epiphaniy referred to the terrible news about the town of Bucha, where the bodies of many civilians, men, women and children were found, some of them with their hands tied, and many of them in mass graves.

“Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent people were tortured in the weeks of Russian occupation. No military necessity could motivate this, as the civilians did not pose a threat to the occupiers.

And he continued saying: “Mass killings of civilians are a sign of genocide. The Russians did not come to release the Ukrainians. They continue the black, diabolical work of Tsar Peter’s troops, which cut and burned Baturyn.

They are doing the same thing as the Russian-Bolshevik gangs that shed rivers of blood during the so-called “red terror.”

They are the successors of Stalin’s crimes, the perpetrators of repression and the Holodomor genocide, which were planned in the same blood-red Kremlin to destroy the Ukrainian people”.

The Metropolitan of Kyiv said during his sermon that on behalf of millions of faithful, on behalf of the people who suffer, “we raise our voices again, calling on the international community to do everything immediately to stop and to punish the tyrant and the state that became an instrument of genocide of the Ukrainian people in his hands.

You have the power, you have the weapons, you have the moral duty to do so, to help the Ukrainian people defend themselves – and to protect you! Protect humanity itself!”.

He also mentioned that “the ideology of the “Russian world” is the same as the ideology of Nazism.

The co-creators and leaders of this criminal ideology are the head of the Moscow Patriarchate Kirill Gundyaev and his associates. Together with his subordinates, he not only kindled this fire in every possible way, but also openly blessed the executioners and murderers with false lips on behalf of God and the Church for their dirty work.

To condemn these crimes, to condemn the violation of human and divine laws, is not just a right, but a moral duty of every person, and especially of Orthodox Christians.

After all, this is not about discussing the intricacies of canon law, theological controversy or historical discussions.

It is about good and evil as such and about everyone’s own choice: are you with God or with the devil?

Kirill Gundyaev has already made his choice in favor of the affairs of the antichrist. I urge those who still have him as their shepherd – open your eyes, look at the poisonous fruits of his teachings, stay away from the lawless, do not be his accomplices!”.