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E-Governance Minister Pierrakakis announces MITOS public services platform & police ID, driver’s licence app

Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis announced the imminent launch of a new online public services platform during the 26th Annual Economist Government Roundtable that is being held in Athens on July 5-7.

It is called MITOS, and it will be presented on Friday, he added.

Calling it “the great challenge of the e-governance ministry,” Pierrakakis said that in MITOS “all government procedures will be recorded, so that citizens will know in advance where to seek a service, which supporting documents they need to provide, and which steps must be followed.”


Pierrakakis also announced that around July 27 a new ‘wallet’-type application will become available for all Greek citizens, and which will store a person’s police ID and driving licence.