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Dendias: Voluntary enlistment of women in Greek armed forces under consideration

The Defence Ministry is considering the activation of a law for the enlistment of Greek women in the military, Defence Minister Nikos Dendias told a Hellenic National Defence General Staff event for International Women’s Day on Friday.

“A large, overwhelming majority of Greek society believes in an army of the citizens, believes strongly in the armed citizen,” said Dendias.

He noted that Greece was moving in a geopolitical framework “where we face a threat from a country that has a great numerical advantage over us, and which by the mid-century will approach or exceed 100 million people compared to our 11-12 millions.”

“So, simple arithmetic requires an army of the citizens as well as an ideological view that the armed citizen defending country, home and ideals is what has always set Hellenism apart, since the time when city-states were first founded,” he added.

Dendias said that, in the next weeks, the ministry and the leadership of the armed forces will present some initial thoughts on how Greece can exploit the human capital of the country, not only as regards officers but also on the level of voluntary recruits. 

Source: AMNA