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Cyprus: We are in consultation with Russia on opening of Russian consulate in Turkish-occupied areas

As stated by an official of the Russian Embassy in Nicosia, Russia will open a consulate in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus, according to Turkish media, which cite the Russian agency TASS.

The Russian official said in a statement: “We will open a consulate to provide relevant services to the north of the city of Nicosia. ” According to information from Turkish Cypriot sources, Russia has been considering this plan for about a year.

In addition, the Russian official said that the main goal of the creation of a consulate was to serve Russian citizens living in the northern part of Cyprus. He also added that other countries have been providing such services in the occupied territories of Cyprus for many years, including the US, Britain, Germany and Italy.

Finally, he says that about 50,000 Russian citizens live in the occupied areas of Cyprus.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus is aware of the reports concerning a possible opening of a Russian consulate to facilitate Russian nationals illegally residing in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus in case of emergency.

“In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also notes today’s clarifying announcement by the Russian Embassy in Nicosia.

In light of the above, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted a relevant investigation in Nicosia but also at our embassy in Moscow.

The Republic of Cyprus was and is in consultation with the Russian Federation to find ways to address this possibility in a way that is consistent with the principles of international law and the relevant UN Security Council resolutions. “