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Colours of Orthodoxy – Greece: Photo contest winners announced

The winners of the “Colours of Orthodoxy – Greece” photo contest were announced last Wednesday. More than 400 photographers from 20 countries took part in the competition, submitting over 4,600 photos. Only images of churches belonging to canonical Orthodox Churches were accepted.

Among the international jury members was Aurelian Iftimiu, patriarchal counsellor and Director of the Basilica News Agency of the Romanian Patriarchate. The Publishing House of the Polish Orthodox Church will release a photo album in late 2023 including pictures from the competition.

Grand Prize

The Grand Prize of the 2023 photo competition was awarded to Alexandris Alexis of Greece, for an image of a monastery from the Meteora region. Photo: / Alexandris Alexis

Best Greek Photographer

The award for Best Greek Photographer went to George Tsafos, Greece. Photo: / George Tsafos

Best Young Photographer

The award for Best Young Photographer went to Janota Olgierd, Poland. Photo: / Janota Olgierd

Category Places
The First Prize in the Places Category was awarded for the image opening this article, captured by Avgustis Tatakis, Greece.

The 2nd Prize in the Places Category went to Panos Zoulakis, Greece. Photo: / Panos Zoulakis

The 2nd Prize in the Places Category went to the American Lazo Angier, for the image of a church in the sunset on Santorini Island, Greece. Photo: / Lazo Angier

Michalis Paou received an Honorary mention for this image from the Epiphany feast celebrated somewhere in Greece. Photo: / Michalis Paou

One of the winners is from Romania: Gheorghe Lucian Galiceanu won the 3rd Prize at the Details Category.

The 2nd Prize in the Details Category went to the Romanian Gheorghe Lucian Galiceanu. Foto: / Gheorghe Lucian Galiceanu

More photos can be seen on the website of the competition.

The “Colours of Orthodoxy” Photo Contest is dedicated each year to a different country: up to now, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Georgia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia and the Holy Land. Each edition culminates with a photo exhibition and the publication of a photo album. Many exhibitions were presented in 16 countries around the world.

Source: / Avgustis Tatakis (opening – 1st Prize in the Places Category)