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Church of Greece: There is no excuse for this war

The Church of Greece raises its voice to protest against “the violent invasion of Russian troops and the war in Ukraine”, while underlining the failure of all – even ecclesiastical leaders – to prevent this war.

The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, by means of an encyclical letter read in all the churches of the country, condemns what is happening in Ukraine, causing so many casualties, “mourning for those who are persecuted and tested”.

“No provocation, no pursuit and no pretext can justify the atrocity of war,” noted the Synod. “Not only does war not solve the problems, but it feeds the circle of violence, hatred, pain, uprooting, refugees, hunger and loss of human life itself, which as Christians we must respect, protect and honor.”

“Civilians are bombarded, counting as victims even children, Holy Churches are destroyed and Monasteries, vital infrastructure and monuments of centuries-old cultural significance, queues of refugees desperately looking for escape routes. Moreover, there is a danger of a nuclear disaster, while nothing rules out war having a world-wide effect, ” as the Church of Greece warns.

In fact, it notes that the Church has already made available to the State and in cooperation with the Ministry of Migration Policy and its structures (Hostels for Refugees and Migrants of the NGO “Synyparxis” of the Church, the NGO of the Archdiocese of Athens “Apostoli”, etc.) for the hosting of Ukrainian refugees and especially children.

“The Church of Greece, as it has done in the past during the war and the violent invasion of Serbia, Kosovo and our afflicted and bleeding Cyprus for fifty years, stresses once again that in the case of the invasion of Ukraine, war does not resolve any human disputes, no matter how important they are on a social, national or global scale.”

“Unfortunately,” the Holy Synod concludes that, “through these tragic situations, our failure as humans and especially as Christians, even as ecclesiastical leaders, to live in the peace bequeathed to us by Christ” and calls on everyone to pray and do everything they can to end the tragedy of war as soon as possible.