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Celebration of the feast day of Saint Nicholas Planas in his birthplace

The commemoration of the feast day of Saint Nicholas Planas was celebrated with due splendour and reverence in his birthplace, Naxos, Greece.

On Friday, 1 March, the festive Great Vespers took place at the Church of the Saints of Naxos, Saint Nicodemus the Athonite and Saint Nicholas Plana, officiated by His Eminence Metropolitan Kallinikos of Paronaxia with the participation of the clergy of the Island, the local government officials, and large crowds of faithful pilgrims.

The holy sermon was given by the Preacher of the Holy Metropolis, Archimandrite Arsenios Melisianos.

At the end of the Vespers Service, in front of the Holy Relics and the Stole of the Saint, they chanted the Egkomia Hymns of the honoured Saint. Prior to the final benediction, His Eminence Metropolitan Kallinikos conveyed feast day wishes to all the congregation while the Holy Vigil for Saint Nicholas followed.

On the following morning, Saturday 2 March 2024, His Eminence Metropolitan Kallinikos of Paranaxia went to the above-mentioned celebrating Church of the Saints of Naxos, where he officiated at the Matins Service, blessed the offered breads at the artoklasia and presided over the Divine Liturgy with the participation of almost all the priests of Naxos and in the presence of the local Authorities of the island. The Holy Sermon was preached during the chanting of the Communion Hymn, by Archimandrite Father Nikolaos Gavalas, clergyman of the Holy Metropolis of Syros and Proistamenos of the great Church of the Resurrection of the Lord in Ermoupoli.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, the procession of the Holy Icon and Holy Relics of Saint Nicholas Planas took place in the city of Naxos. Upon the re-arrival of the Holy Procession, in the propylaea of the Holy Church, the final supplication prayers were offered, at the end of which His Eminence Metropolitan Kallinikos appropriately wished and thanked the priests of the Church and their collaborators for the perfect organisation of the feast day, also the priests who participated from of the island of Naxos, the present MP of the Cyclades Mr. Markos Kafouros, as well as the other representatives of the Authorities, the Army, the Security Forces and all the pious peoples of Naxos, for their participation in the commemoration of the great child of Naxos and sanctified priest, Saint Nicholas Planas.