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Bucharest coat of arms will include image of city patron Saint Demetrius the New

During a meeting last week, the municipal council of Bucharest revised the coat of arms to include the patron saint of the city, Saint Demetrius the New.

The councillors granted their approval for the replacement and modification of Annexe 1 of Decision No. 76/1993.

This amendment entails substituting the current representation of Saint Demetrius the Myrrh-Gusher with an image of Saint Demetrius the New, the Protector of Bucharest.

“Saint Demetrius the New, the Protector of Bucharest, is depicted within a crimson shield” on the new coat of arms.

The resolution states, “He is depicted in a pedestrian pose, exhibiting a gentle countenance and a beard that slightly surpasses the shoulder-length region.”

“He is clad in the monastic habit and has his head covered, symbolising humility and piety.” “Both a belt and an engolpion adorn his person; both are in colour black.”

“He bears a miniature of the Patriarchal Cathedral, featuring three towers and a portico, in his left hand. This replica was created in the style of the original cathedral where his relics are housed. As an embodiment of his dual role as a shepherd and a guardian, the Saint is depicted in the right hand wielding a staff in the form of the letter T. The modest footwear is evident from beneath the monastic garment.”

In 2022, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel submitted a request for the depiction of Saint Demetrius the New, the Protector of Bucharest, on the coat of arms of the capital city of Romania.

Saint Demetrius the New lived in Basarabov or Basarabi, a small village along the Lom River in present-day Bulgaria between the 12th and 14th centuries.

2024 marks the 250th anniversary since his venerable relics were brought to Bucharest, received by Metropolitan Gregory II of Wallachia and placed inside the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The official celebration of Saint Demetrius the New’s feast day, the patron saint of Bucharest, occurs on October 27. Commencing this year, July 13 will be observed as an additional feast day in remembrance of the translation of his revered relics to Bucharest.

Icon of Saint Demetrius the New, Protector of Bucharest

Photo source: Bucharest city hall