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Bible Study Classes for Children in Perth

The Archdiocesan District of Perth conducts Children Bible Study Classes every Thursday afternoon at the Church of St Nektarios in Dianella.  


The classes are taken by His Grace Bishop Elpidios of Kyanea with the purpose of teaching the children the basics of the Orthodox Faith in a fun and exciting environment. 


This week students learnt about the Proskomide (Prothesis) service and were shown all the steps taken by the priest in preparing for the Holy Eucharist. In addition, they were taught about the symbolism behind all the liturgical vessels and utensils used for the Holy Eucharist. 


His Grace emphasised the importance of having names commemorated during the preparation of the Holy Eucharist citing examples from the book, “Experiences during the Divine Liturgy”. 


Finally, the students had the opportunity to ask questions relating to the topic covered. 

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