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Greek Authorities now clearing area of debris and ammunition from fallen Antonov plane

Greek authorities in northern Greece were focusing their efforts on Tuesday on clearing the area of any remaining debris and the ammunition that was being transported by the fallen Antonov aircraft, which crashed on Saturday night in a farming area in Antifilippi, Paggaio.

Speaking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Tuesday, the mayor of Paggaio Filippos Anastasiadis said that “it is a very difficult process that demands very careful handling which will take over a month to complete in order to ensure that there is absolutely no risk for the citizens and especially for the farmers, who must work in the land where the Antonov crashed.

Eight seven-member teams are searching the area and will have to check over 100 hectares, cayrring out controlled explosions whenever necessary.

There is a ban on the movement of all types of vehicles and citizens in this entire area, which has been cordonned off until the completion of the clearance operation, the mayor of Paggaio said.