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Australia: International borders could open before state borders under National Plan

People in Sydney could be allowed to travel overseas before they are allowed to travel to Perth, according to the National Plan.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was asked this afternoon about the eventual opening of international borders.

“Can you envisage opening that to a state, like New South Wales, that get above 80 per cent (vaccination rate) and not waiting for states that don’t want to open,” the reporter asked.

The Prime Minister’s reply was brief.

“Yes, I can,” he said.

“The National Plan sets out that very clearly.”

While the states currently in lockdown have shown eagerness to open up once the vaccination threshold is reached, those with no COVID-19 cases are more reluctant.

But Mr Morrison pointed out that all states and territories had agreed to the plan when it was made.

“It’s a plan that will see Australia open up again and move forward again,” he said.

“It doesn’t come without risks and it’s important it is done safely.”

He noted the plan included a “soft opening” of restrictions.

“It wasn’t an all-or-nothing plan,” Mr Morrison said.

“It was a plan that was very careful based on the best science and economic advice.”

The Prime Minister is meeting with the premiers and chief ministers at the National Cabinet today.