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Athens launches ‘heat alert’ for extreme weather information

The Municipality of Athens is launching a messaging service that will provide immediate information on the weather conditions that prevail in Athens during the summer period, as well as on the measures that must be taken for people’s protection.

The “heat alert” system classifies heat waves into four categories and informs citizens to effectively protect themselves from the extreme weather. The categorization is based on an algorithm for predicting the effects on the health of the inhabitants of Athens during days of high temperatures. The algorithm was developed specifically for the Greek capital, through the correlation of historical weather data over a period of two decades, and mortality data.

The categories are as follows: 

Category 0: High temperatures: Danger to the health of vulnerable people

Category 1: Very high temperatures: Follow the instructions and avoid prolonged exposure to heat – Inform vulnerable people

Category 2: Very high temperatures: Danger to health – Take precautions – Prepare to help vulnerable people

Category 3: Extreme Temperatures: Significant Health Risk – Take maximum Precautions

The climate data for Athens were taken from the international dataset ERA5, while the mortality data used for the development of the categorization system was provided by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT).