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Archbishop of Cyprus: “I implore all of Hellenism to rally in defense of Cyprus”

After the annual memorial service of Grigoris Afxentiou, His Beatitude Archbishop Georgios of Cyprus emphasised the urgent threat posed by Turkish ambitions, stating that they seek not only to solidify their current presence but to fully occupy Cyprus. Grigoris Afxentiou was a revered Greek-Cypriot insurgent leader who bravely resisted the British colonial government as a member of EOKA.

Addressing the Greek Government and the entirety of Hellenism, Archbishop Georgios underscored the critical importance of standing firm against Turkey’s encroachments on Cyprus. He warned that yielding this last stronghold of Hellenism would signify the beginning of Greece’s dismantling.

“As we commemorate sixty-seven years since his heroic sacrifice, we must draw inspiration from his bravery, especially in these perilous times,” the Archbishop urged. “We cannot overlook the evident Turkish agenda, which seeks not stability but complete domination of Cyprus. Let us draw strength from Afxentiou’s courage to thwart their designs.”

He called for unified action against Turkish expansionism, stressing the collective responsibility to safeguard Cyprus. “I implore all of Hellenism, alongside the Greek Government, to rally in defense of Cyprus. Failure to resist Turkish aggression risks the unraveling of our entire heritage,” he emphasised in conclusion.

Source: CNA, / orthodoxtimes