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Archbishop Makarios of Australia on the married life: “Love never gives up”

His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia speaks to all those who are preparing to unite within the sacred bonds of marriage, but also to couples who are already on their way to married life, through the new video message of spiritual benefit that he posted on the Instagram social networking platform.

His Eminence emphasises from the outset that marriage is not an easy matter, pointing out that it requires patience and a willingness to accept the other person as they are. “Love never gives up,” he emphasises in the epilogue of the message.

The message of Archbishop Makarios of Australia follows below:

“Marriage is not easy. It requires patience.

Firstly, it requires, that you recognise that neither you nor the other person is perfect.

Worries, bitterness, and misunderstandings will surely occur.

The question is: Are you willing to accept the other as they are?

Love means being patient for each other’s weaknesses and mistakes.

Love means looking beyond the misunderstandings and arguments recognising that perfection does not exist in any relationship.

Love means that I am not silent when there is a problem. I do not reject, nor do I distance myself.

Beauty comes into a couple’s life when they learn to communicate with each other, when they learn to forgive each other and when they don’t lie to each other.

Love is a choice and a way of life. The choice to stay to struggle and to share. Love never gives up. This is what you need to know.”