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Archbishop Makarios of Australia: “Christ is the source of all strength”

His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia, through his new video message on the Instagram social networking site, offers spiritual advice on how we ought to take stock of our daily lives.

“I accept who I am and I try to become better every day,” emphasises His Eminence in his main message, urging us at the same time to never lose our faith and hope in Christ. “For Christ is the source of all strength,” as he emphatically points out.

Here is the message from the Archbishop of Australia:

“What should we all say in our daily reckoning of ourselves? «I am not perfect, I have many deficiencies, I am jealous, I have insecurities, I do not easily entrust myself to others, I suffer from despondency and many bad moments…this is who I am! I am not afraid to admit this. And yet, I do not become disheartened because I know, just like all people, I also have my good moments, I also have my spiritual gifts, I have laboured in my life, I have also done good things…Many times, my heart has been wounded because of love that I extended to people who did not appreciate it. Accordingly, I accept who I am and I strive, on daily basis, to become a better person. I strive to make those people who are around me, proud of me. I strive to make my parents proud of who I am, and above all, that which I try never to lose in my life, is my faith and hope in Christ, because Christ is the source of all strength”.