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Aqueduct, treasure trove found in ‘lost’ city of Tenea

Part of the Hadrianic aqueduct, one of the largest hydraulic works of the 2nd century AD in Greece, has been unearthed in the “lost” city of ancient Tenea, as well as part of a prehistoric settlement dating to the Early Bronze Age II (2600-2300 BC).

The Greek Culture Ministry said the discovery was made during excavations at Chiliomodi in Corinthia, southern Greece, in October 2023, which also yielded, among other significant finds, a treasure trove of 29 rare silver ancient Greek coins dating from the late 6th century BC to the 330s BC.

For many ages, Tenea existed only in myths and historical texts. According to legend, it was constructed by Trojan prisoners of war circa 1100 BC.

The archaeological research is taking place as part of the “Ancient Tenea” project under the direction of archaeologist Dr. Elena Korka, who discovered the fabled city in 2019.