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Ambassador of Ukraine Sergii Shutenko at the Ecclesiastical Academy of Athens

Ambassador of Ukraine Sergii Shutenko had opening remarks at the Ecclesiastical Academy of Athens, on the occasion of the opening lecture of Fr. Rostyslav Snihirov, Professor of Biblical Theology and Vice-Rector of the Theological Seminary of Ukraine.

The Ambassador informed the present of the recent developments in Ukraine and on the atrocities and war crimes Russia commits not only against the military infrastructure but also against civilians and religious sites, shelling and destroying the sacred places, killing and kidnapping the representatives of the Ukrainian church.

“The religious sites are the places where people can find help and support, but the modern Russian military has nothing that we call morality” Ambassador Sergii Shutenko and continued “we can only stop it together because all of us are sisters and brothers who share common values. We should not be silent”.


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