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30 Years without Melina Merkouri

Today, 6 March 2024, marks 30 years since the day Melina Merkouri passed into eternity, leaving the spotlight forever on her spectacular journey in the Seventh Art, theater and politics, as Minister of Culture.

The French Institute in Athens will pay tribute to the late Melina Mercouri today, 6 March 2024, marking the 30th anniversary of her death. “Melina Mercouri: 30 Years in Eternity” will celebrate not only her extraordinary career as an actress but also her unwavering dedication to the return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece.

The evening will feature a discussion led by authors Spyros Arsenis and Yiorgos Archimandritis, whose book “Melina. A Star in America” chronicles her journey. Joining them will be Yannis Zoumboulakis, a renowned journalist and film critic.

Beyond a captivating discussion, attendees can expect a glimpse into Mercouri’s life through a selection of rare audiovisual materials, including interviews with Mercouri herself and those who knew and collaborated with her. These documents promise to illuminate the fascinating life and impactful legacy of the woman known as “the last Greek Goddess.”

Mercouri, a beloved actress and later, Greece’s Minister of Culture, became a tireless advocate for the return of the Parthenon sculptures, also known as the Elgin Marbles, which were removed from the Acropolis in the early 19th century and remain housed in the British Museum today. Her relentless campaigning on the international stage, fueled by her deep connection to Greek culture, continues to inspire efforts for their repatriation.

This free event at the French Institute starts at 7 pm and serves as a reminder of Mercouri’s enduring impact on both the world of cinema and the fight for cultural heritage.

Source: AMNA