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What you need to know about Victoria’s new roadmap out of lockdown

Victoria has released its roadmap to reopening the state, with restrictions due to be eased as early as next week as the state’s vaccination rate climbs.

Unveiling the roadmap on Sunday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the government is prepared to review the reopening plan as case numbers change.

“I want to make it very clear to all Victorians, particularly to those working in our health system, as we deliver this roadmap, we will monitor every hour of every day how many people are in hospital and how much pressure is on our health system,” he said.

“It will be in a staggered and measured way of course, but we are opening up. Be in no doubt about that, and there will be no turning back.

“We have got to normalise this. We have got to pass through and beyond this pandemic.”

At 80 per cent partially vaccinated
Victoria is expected to have 80 per cent of eligible residents partially vaccinated by 26 September.

When that milestone is reached, outdoor recreation can return with limits on the number of people in attendance, and outdoor personal training sessions with up to five people can resume.

The distance people can travel from their homes will also be increased from 10km to 15km.

In regional Victoria, people attending hair and beauty appointments will no longer have to wear masks.

Then, from about 5 October, final year school students will be able to return to on-site learning.

About two weeks later, on 18 October, prep students will be able to attend school three days per week, while grade one and two students can attend for two days a week.

At 70 per cent fully vaccinated
The state is expected to reach this milestone on or about 26 October.

In metropolitan Melbourne, the lockdown will end, and more outdoor activities will be allowed.

Up to 10 fully vaccinated people will be allowed to gather outside, and physical recreation and community sport training will return.

Pubs, clubs and entertainment venues can host up to 50 fully vaccinated patrons outside, and outdoor weddings and funerals will also be allowed to have up to 50 people.

All students across the city will be allowed to attend school for at least part of the week.

Hairdressers and personal care providers can also reopen indoors for up to five fully vaccinated customers at a time.

Regional Victoria will enjoy a further easing of restrictions at the 70 per cent milestone.

Indoor recreation and sport can return with limits on the number of people in attendance. Pubs, clubs and entertainment venues can host up to 30 fully vaccinated people inside.

Faith gatherings, funerals and weddings can also have up to 30 fully vaccinated people inside and up to 100 outside.

At 80 per cent fully vaccinated
When 80 per cent of the state’s residents are fully vaccinated, the restrictions for regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne will be brought to the same level.

Up to 10 fully vaccinated people will be able to visit someone else’s home, and up to 30 will be allowed to gather in public outdoors.

Pubs, restaurants and cafes can reopen for seated service only, with 150 fully vaccinated people inside and up to 500 outside.

Indoor community sport will reopen, as will hairdressers and personal care providers for fully vaccinated people.

Retail will reopen, but masks will still need to be worn indoors.

Weddings, funerals and religious services can have up to 150 fully vaccinated people inside and 500 outside, and indoor community sport will also reopen.

Early childhood education and childcare providers can reopen completely, all students will return to schools with additional safety measures in place, and fully vaccinated adults can also attend on-site education.

Victorians will still be encouraged to work from home if they can, but can attend the workplace if they are fully vaccinated.

Beyond 80 per cent fully vaccinated
While the national plan for reopening only goes up to 80 per cent fully vaccinated, the premier said there were further easings of restrictions Victorians could look forward to after that milestone.

Mr Andrews said he would like to see up to 30 visitors allowed in homes by Christmas Day, and foresaw a situation where Victorians would soon be allowed to travel overseas to a list of “green lane” countries.

“We aim to have 30 visitors in your home on Christmas Day,” he said.

“International travel will happen. I hope interstate travel will happen.

“We have tried to give people certainty as far out (in the future), as much as we can.”