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Vaccinated citizens exempted from mandatory self-tests as of July 1, says Skertsos

Vaccinated citizens will be free from the obligation to provide proof of a self-diagnostic coronavirus test for work or social activities as of July 1, Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office Akis Skertsos, responsible for government coordination, told MEGA TV on Saturday.

Since April 12, some 27.5 million self-tests were distributed in Greece to 4.5 million citizens, which has contributed to the rapid descalation in new infections, he noted, along with the unfolding vaccination program.

New infections dropped 75 pct in the last two months and Covid-19 hospitalizations also dropped by 65-70 pct, he highlighted.

Referring to those who do not want to be vaccinated, the minister said “they should know that they will continue to be restricted in the way they work, socialize, and be entertained.”

Elaborating, he said that “we are implementing public health measures that have curtailed our rights, to protect the health of the many and especially the most vulnerable. From the moment they are vaccinated, however, citizens have every right to return to their normal lives.”

Continuing, he noted that “what those who choose to stay unvaccinated should understand is that as the level of immunity increases -and there is no longer a risk for the most vulnerable to get sick and put pressure on the health system- there is no chance that universal restrictive measures will return, say in autumn, which will limit the lives of the vaccinated. There will be measures in terms of public health – but they will concern the unvaccinated,” he clarified.

Concerning the possibility of vaccination becoming mandatory, Skertsos noted that “we must always keep in mind that while we do have the right to self-determination and what to do with our bodies (…), when you are a health worker, for example, and your job is to protect your own health and the health of the people who come to be treated, there must also be a question of one’s obligation.”

Source: ANA-MPA