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Turkish officials on Hagia Sophia: There is no provision for closure so far

Following the warnings of the Turkish historian and professor about the possibility of the collapse of Hagia Sophia and the possibility of its closure for restoration works, Turkish officials state that “there is no provision for the closure of the Hagia Sophia mosque so far, “as stated by

CNN Turk journalist Serdar Er said: “We broadcast through the Hagia Sophia mosque. On-site visits continue as usual. Our cameraman shows you the guests whose numbers increase the most during prayer times. As you know, it became a mosque by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan himself.

Some restoration works were carried out and completed inside Hagia Sophia. Now they will start restoration works outside the mosque and that’s why there were discussions whether to close Hagia Sophia or to keep it open.”

Levent Çetin, vice-president of the Directorate General of Foundations, said: “There is no provision for the mosque to be closed during the restoration works so far.”