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Tourism – Greece and Santorini big winners at the American FXExpress 2021 Awards

American travelers at every opportunity express their desire to visit Greece, despite the problems that have arisen due to the pandemic. This fact was confirmed once again at the American tourism awards FXExpress 2021 Awards, where Greece won two top awards.

Specifically, Greece was ranked first in the category “Favorite Country” for the second consecutive year and in second place in the category “Favorite Honeymoon Destination” at the “Global Traveler’s – The Trazees” awards .

At the same time, for the eighth consecutive year, Santorini was named “Best Island in Europe” at the “Global Traveler’s – Leizure Lifestyle Awards”.

Voting took place electronically from 14 December 2020 to 30 April 2021 among the readers of the monthly magazine for business tourism and luxury tourism “Global Traveler” and the website “The Trazees” ( for travelers aged 25- 40 years old, of the publishing group FXExpress Publications Inc.

According to the organizers of the awards, “the readers appreciated the efforts made by Greece in order to offer incredible experiences in the field of luxury tourism”.

“In Greece, beauty meets history”
In a related article entitled “4 reasons to visit Greece now”, the authors of the print and online edition note, among other things: “With more than 2,000 islands, each with its own identity and charm, cities full of history and UNESCO World Heritage Sites and unspoilt, traditional villages, Greece has endless beauty to explore. A beauty that meets history. Its beaches are beautiful, while the hospitality of its inhabitants is unparalleled. The gastronomic specialties have an amazing variety, diversity and wonderful ingredients. However, the real beauty of Greek cuisine lies in four secrets: fresh ingredients, perfect balance of spices and aromatic substances, pure olive oil and simplicity. The Greek people are friendly and hospitable, willing to share with travelers a “taste” of its traditions. Folk dances are always popular, as is the oldest art form in Greece, the theater. “Traditional music is extremely important throughout the country, while some indelible traditions of Greece have been included by UNESCO in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, such as the cultivation of mastic and marble in Tinos.”

At the same time, for Santorini they point out that “nothing is more connected with the idea of ​​romance than the stunning view of its emblematic blue roofs. Couples looking for the perfect setting for their love, choose nothing but Santorini, which offers amazing beaches, luxury hotels, enchanting landscapes and a whole “industry” of professionals who can help organize your wedding or trip of honey “.

The awards ceremony will take place next Thursday, August 26 at a central hotel in Washington, DC, as part of an event organized by FXExpress Publications Inc. The Greek awards will be received by the Head of the EOT Service of North America, Konstantinos Harokopos.