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The Restoration of the preserved chandeliers of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

On Friday morning, September 30 / October 13, 2023, His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos and the Fathers of the Holy Sepulchre, went to the Catholicon of the Church of the Resurrection.

There, His Beatitude was informed by the art conservators from Russia about the project of conserving the chandeliers of the Church of the Resurrection.

These chandeliers are a work of the 18th century and were taken down from their position after the earthquake of 1927 and have been kept in a special room of the Patriarchate until today.

At the initiative of Patriarch Theophilos, under the supervision of Mr. Stavros Andreou, a conservator from Cyprus, with the cooperation of conservators from Russia and the donor’s association from Russia, these chandeliers were assembled and tastefully maintained and hung again in their place, adding beauty to the house of God, namely the Church of the Resurrection, the beauty of which, according to the hymn “competes with the dignity of the highest firmament”.

From Secretariat-General

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