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The meeting place of the world Orthodox youth to change: “Wrocław 2022” is now “Supraśl 2022”

Polish organizers announced on Tuesday that the meeting place for this summer’s World Gathering of Orthodox Youth has changed: “Wrocław 2022” is now „Supraśl 2022”. The event will be hosted by the Orthodox Academy and the Monastery in Supraśl.

The period has been extended by a day compared to the initial announcement: now the event is scheduled for July 18-24.

The meeting will explore the theme “Go and bear fruit” (John 15:6) through workshops, lectures, plays, film, music, and fellowship activities.

The event is hosted by His Beatitude Metropolitan Sawa of Warsaw and All Poland and the organizers are part of an international youth workers group coordinated by Archdeacon Joseph Matusiak.

“Our goal is to provide young people who are committed to their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ with an opportunity to experience the unity and universality of the One Holy Orthodox Church,” the archdeacon declared.

The “Supraśl 2022” keynote speakers are His Eminence Metropolitan Antonios of Zahleh, Lebanon (Antioch Patriarchate) and His Eminence Archbishop George of Wroclaw and Szczecin (Church of Poland).

A multi-track format will explore topic areas including:

  • Youth Ministry
  • Theology of Creativity
  • Liturgical and Folk Music
  • Orthodoxy and Ecology
  • Missions

Workshop topics:

  • Being Orthodox: living as a minority or majority;
  • Called to missions: the experience of being a missionary;
  • Creative arts as mission;
  • Youth ministry: how to communicate, listen to and reach youth;
  • Ecological projects for individuals, families and parishes;
  • Understanding human creativity;
  • Discussing and teaching about moral issues;
  • Responding to those of other faith traditions.

The International Society will organize liturgical music workshops and divine services for Orthodox Church Music ( 

“We are confident Orthodox young adults from all corners of the world will find the gathering an excellent setting to learn, share ideas, explore common issues, and create new friendships, further developing their skills as leaders in their communities,” said Archdeacon Joseph Matusiak, director of the event.

Participants will be able to attend the morning and evening monastic services at the Monastery of the Annunciation, as well as corporate morning and evening prayers with the gathering’s participants. “Supraśl 2022” will conclude with the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, July 24. 

The schedule also includes visits to sacred and cultural sites in Eastern Poland, including the monastery of Saints Mary and Martha on the Holy Mountain of Grabarka and the Bialoweiza Forest, the oldest strictly preserved medieval forest in Europe.