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The Greek Orthodox Church of Eritrea rose from the ashes

The 17-year-old son of the family of Alexandros Zivakoudis, of Greek origin, voluntarily joined the Orthodox Church, taking the name George, which was a spiritual joy for the Orthodox Local Church of Aksum, in the country of Eritrea, on Monday, September 25, 2023. Professor Dr. Christos Karydis and Mr. Vasilios were present as God Fathers.

On the same day, donations from pious Eritreans from Great Britain (cross and incense) were delivered to the Community Church of Evangelistria Virgin Mary, while monetary donations were delivered to the Greek Community for painting, the necessary building works for restoration and the installation of photovoltaic lighting systems of the two Holy Churches and bell towers in Asmara and Keren.

Also, after personal work and care of Mr. Lambros Kyriakakos, a projector for the educational purposes was delivered to Father Shila Berhane, the Rector of the Theological School of the Church of Eritrea Hierom.


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