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President of Ethiopia held meeting with Metropolitan Daniel of Aksum

In a warm and cordial atmosphere, a significant meeting took place at the Presidential Office, where the President of the Republic of Ethiopia, Mrs. Sahle-Work Zewde, engaged in a fruitful discussion with Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Daniel of Aksum Daniel.

Accompanied by the Secretary of the Holy Metropolis of Aksum, Mr. Georgios Constantin, the Metropolitan conveyed the heartfelt wishes of His Beatitude Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, Theodoros II. Metropolitan Daniel emphasised the importance of educational opportunities for Ethiopian students. He put forth a scholarship program sponsored by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and from Universities and Colleges in Greece, aiming to support and empower young minds in their pursuit of knowledge. The scholarships would enable deserving Ethiopian students to pursue higher education and contribute to the country’s progress. The discussions primarily revolved around the valuable contributions of the Patriarchate of Alexandria to charitable actions and the strengthen of the religion tourism in the country.

During the meeting, Mrs. Zewde was apprised of the extensive presence and diverse activities of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria not only in Ethiopia but also across the African continent. Reflecting on the historical ties between Greece and Ethiopia, President Zewde highlighted the longstanding presence of Hellenism in the country and the remarkable role played by the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Aksum. She further emphasised the deep connections shared by both nations in matters of faith. Notably, Mrs. Zewde made reference to the historic Metropolitan Palace in Addis Ababa (Sedest Kilo), which stands as a testament to the enduring friendship and mutual respect between Greece and Ethiopia.

Following their exchange, Mrs. Zewde engaged in a comprehensive forty-five-minute discussion with His Eminence on matters of mutual interest. The meeting concluded with Metropolitan Daniel expressing his gratitude to President Zewde for her time and dedication. He extended his wishes for her continued success in serving the Ethiopian people, praying for the progress and prosperity of the blessed Ethiopian nation.

This important encounter between President Zewde and Metropolitan Daniel serves as a testament to the significance of religious and cultural ties between Ethiopia and Greece. As both nations continue to foster collaboration and understanding, it is anticipated that this meeting will contribute to the strengthening of bilateral relations and the promotion of common values.

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