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Patriarchate of Jerusalem rejected of the false statements by “TV without borders”

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem categorically rejected via an announcement the statements published by the media outlet “tv without borders”.

The statements that ten Greek teachers and thirteen students of the Patriarchate’s School of Zion in Jerusalem remain trapped in Jerusalem against their will, deprived of the right to travel to Greece is completely and utterly false and untrue.

In accordance with the program of the Ministry of Education of Greece, the school’s teachers teach the foster students of the School, who are fully cared for by the Patriarchate with everything they need, are in the School out of their own free will, and may choose to leave and return to Greece at any time of their choice. The teachers and the foster students regularly communicate with their parents and their loved ones.

Regarding this issue and all other matters, arising from the current situation of hostilities that our beloved Holy Land is experiencing, the Patriarchate is in full communication and cooperation with the Greek Consulate General in Jerusalem.

From Secretariat-General

Source: Patriarchate of Jerusalem