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Patriarch of Romania sent message of compassion to Patriarch of Jerusalem

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of Romania has sent a message of compassion to Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem following the devastating event of 20 October 2023, which took place in the premises of the Church of St Porphyrios in Gaza City, in which at least 18 people lost their lives.

Read the message below:

Bucharest, 21 October 2023

Patriarch of Jerusalem

Your Beatitude,

It is with great sorrow and concern that we have learned of the heart-breaking event that has occurred, on the 20th of October 2023, in the Saint Porphyrios Church compound in Gaza City – the oldest in the city, located in the Zaytoun neighborhood – where many people were seeking shelter from the military conflict in the area.

The loss of at least 18 lives and injury of many more, both Christians and Muslims, who were sheltering in this sanctuary, is a very sad incident and, at the same time, an even more pressing reminder of the need to preserve life and struggle for peace and understanding between people belonging to different ethnical and religious backgrounds.

In these sad moments for all those affected, we pray the All-Merciful God, the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:5), to grant swift recovery to the wounded ones, as well as consolation to the grieving families.

With brotherly love in Jesus Christ,

Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Photo: / Mircea Florescu