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Oakleigh Grammar farewells Year 12 Class of 2023

In the midst of an emotional week, Oakleigh Grammar continued its tradition of revelling in the accomplishments of its Year 12 students, hosting an exuberant Year 12 Graduation Assembly. Then came a serene gathering at the Sts Anargiri Church, and an opulent Graduation dinner, at Merrimu Receptions. These festivities succeeded in forging an unbreakable bond among the students, their parents and guardians, the dedicated educators and staff, and esteemed members of the School Board.

The celebrations commenced with the Year 12 Graduation Assembly, a jubilant event that united students spanning from Prep to the accomplished Seniors, alongside their mentors, proud parents, and the venerable members of the School Board.

Father Stavros Kakavas, the Parish Priest of Sts Anargiri and Oakleigh Grammar Chaplain, graced the occasion with his blessings. He implored the students to draw strength from their unwavering pillars of support: their parents, their teachers, and their unwavering faith during the closing chapters of their academic journey.


Principal Mark Robertson delivered a heartfelt tribute to the Year 12 students. He commended them for their indomitable spirit, resilience in the face of adversity, and their deep-rooted bond to the illustrious Oakleigh Grammar community.

The Year 12 Captains, Duncan Bain and Chloe Sheer, held the audience captive with their eloquent speeches, offering a poignant reflection on their journey from the inception to this momentous conclusion of their educational voyage.

The highlight was a profoundly touching moment where the Prep students, hailing from the Class of 2035, tenderly handed each Year 12 student a flower as their names were called out. This exquisite gesture symbolised the transition from the promising beginning to the triumphant culmination of their academic journey.

Mr Robertson closed the ceremony by expressing his most sincere well-wishes to the Year 12 students, both for their impending examinations and for their unfolding lives. He extolled their grace, humour, and steadfast resilience. His faith in their future was unwavering, confident that they would leave an indelible mark on whichever path they chose to tread.

As the week progressed, it was time for a serene yet gratifying church service held at the revered Sts Anargiri Parish under the guidance of Father Stavros, followed shortly after by the Class of 2023 Graduation Dinner.

The event featured impassioned speeches from the 2022 School Captains. Chloe Sheer took a moment to reflect on her personal journey through the hallowed halls of Oakleigh Grammar, while Duncan Bain delivered a moving tribute to his beloved educators, lauding their unwavering dedication.

Duncan remarked: “I want to share some words of wisdom with you all. Earlier this year, our school basketball team played in a grand final, and before the game, our coach gave us this book, and written in it was one word. ‘Legacy’. Like this book, we can always start on a blank page and provide ourselves with opportunities to develop as individuals and expand our knowledge further than what it was yesterday. To create our own legacies.”

Chloe added, “Something about our Year level is that we always have embraced our Greek culture and that’s something really cool that not many other schools have amongst the students. This is something we should be proud of.

To the class of 2023 you are an absolutely an amazing group of people, and we have all shared so much together. And that’s just it then… we’re done. ‘The scary thing is, you’re on your own now. But the cool thing is, You’re on your own now.’ (– Taylor Swift.) I wish you all so much happiness in your life because we deserve it.”

The formal proceedings of the evening culminated with an awards presentation, followed by a night of festivity and dance that stretched into the wee hours. Mr Robertson, beamed with pride as he witnessed the Graduating Class of 2023, joined by their loving families and esteemed teachers, come together to commemorate this significant milestone. He saluted their mettle and determination in surmounting myriad challenges and fervently wished them success in their VCE endeavours and the uncharted territories of life beyond the school gates.

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