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Multiple fires stretch resources as fires rage throughout Greece for fourth day

Efforts are continuing for a fourth day on Friday to put out fires throughout the country, that have damaged hundreds of homes in northern suburbs of Athens, Evia, the Peloponnese, and elsewhere. Firefighting forces, stretched thin by ground and air as fires kept breaking out, creating new and several fronts and rekindling, were aided by help from several countries in staff and airplanes.

Meanwhile, major roads have shut down and train services suspended.

Below are some of the ongoing fires in Greece as of Friday.

Island of Evia

Residents of the coastal town of Limni Evias on Evia were evacuated by sea after a wildfire front burning in the area returned to the town on Friday evening.
Two days ago, residents watched the fire spread from the forested area in the north to the edge of the town. On Friday, the residents gathered at the town beach as the flames have made all nearby roads impassable.

On Friday, one fire front returned to the coastal town of Dafni, in the northwestern part, where it burnt a number of houses, the Fire Brigade said. The fire had approached Dafni several times the first time it broke out in the area. Firefighters who had been trapped in the area because the traffic between Limni and Agia Anna is closed off were safely removed, while the fire front was moving towards the Mourtia community.

The fire has different fronts – on the Aegean, or east side of the island, a front is moving to Mantoudi (evacuated, along with other villages) and surrounded Kechries village (also evacuated), the other has returned from Strofilia and Kirinthos back to Limni, while also threatening Mourtia, which is evacuated. Another, northern front is heading from Kalamoudi and Paleochori back to Rovies, which it burned through when the fires broke out two days ago. Firefighters are at the site.

Ano Liossia, Athens

The fire that broke out earlier in the Athens suburb of Ano Liossia is spreading toward Petroupoli suburb, aided by strong winds, the Fire Brigade said on Friday evening.
There is no danger to residential areas yet, but firefighters are struggling to put it out before day’s end, when air support has to stop. There are now 25 firefighters with 12 fire trucks, 2 airplanes and a helicopter operating there.

Olympia (W. Peloponnese)

A forest fire is blazing through the area of Nemouta, west of the town and ancient site of Ancient Olympia, the Fire Brigade reported on Friday.
The village of Nemouta and the neighboring communities of Villia and Tsapareika in NW Peloponnese have all been evacuated.
Traffic in the Tripolis-Pyrgos national highway has been closed off from Louvros to Miraka.

Sounio (S. Attica)

The fire that broke out earlier on Friday at Cape Sounion has been put out, Mayor of Lavreotiki Dimitris Loukas told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA).
The fire had started right across from the ancient Temple of Poseidon, noted Loukas.
Due to the quick response of all firefighters in the area and the efforts of civil protection, the fire was stopped before it could cross a ravine towards the town of Sounion and the national park that lies further out, he added.
The mayor also asserted that the cause of the fire was most likely arson, as it started next to a hotel where there is absolutely no flammable material.
Traffic on the Athens-Sounion highway has been restored.

Gythio (E. Peloponnese)

Firefigthing forces and a helicopter are fighting a blaze to stop it before it enters the city of Gythion, on the eastern coast of the Peloponnese, Lakonia Region Vice-Governor Theodoros Veroutis told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) on Friday evening.
The official said that the fire approached the city on its northeastern side, and that the situation there is very difficult, as high winds have not subsided after sunset and the fire front is extensive.
Residents and tourists have left the area, he added.